Sensory Well

It has been proven that nature has a significant effect on the wellbeing of human beings. Starved of the healing properties of the natural environment lowers the immune system and can affect our moods. We have all enjoyed the invigorating effect of a walk along a coastal path and the beach, or the calming effect that goes with a walk through an ancient forest in spring or autumn.

For those who are immobile, they lose out on so many levels and their health and wellbeing can be affected by the lack of positive elements of nature which stimulate our senses. Gower Wellbeing bring the healing power of nature to you by using a fully integrated sensory immersion system that brings all of the benefits of the outdoors indoors.

It has been proven that patients in hospital who have a view of the outdoors, looking at trees, heal faster than those who don’t. We have grown up being part of nature and nature is part of us. Imagine that you are fully immersed on a woodland walk in spring – the strong smell of ransoms, the trees beginning to leaf, the harmonious sound of bird song early in the morning and the cool breeze against our cheeks.

This is an innovative method for improving the wellbeing of individuals who may be suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s and those who may be immobile and confined to a nursing or care home. The process involves allowing the individual to take a visual walk and stimulate all their senses whilst doing so. We have all developed our experience of life through our senses and created an understanding of the world around us.

To further enhance the opportunities to improve wellbeing through nature we also provide mindful gardening and bird watching sessions. Studies carried out by the Wildlife Trusts of the University of Derby revealed that subjective feeling of happiness and wellbeing were positively correlated with natural activities such as gardening, animal feeding, bird watching and bush walking.

Sensory Well