Gower Wellbeing is based on the Gower Peninsular – the first designated area of outstanding natural beauty in the UK. Our vision is to tackle the high levels of poor health, stress and anxiety that exists in our society at present. As we become more advanced as a country we seem to be neglecting ourselves and making poor lifestyle choices that could have long term health implications. Gower Wellbeing provides a wide range of services that champion improved health and well-being from life coaching, well-being coaching, outdoor coaching, team coaching, sensory well-being, stress management, mindfulness meditation and re- earthing. We also provide weekend escapes that combine opportunities to enhance your mind, body and spirit.  

Health and Wellbeing is a big part of getting the most out of our lives. When we feel good we become more motivated, we start to get results and to actually enjoy our lives in a much more satisfying way.

Whether you are an individual looking to make changes or an organisation concerned about the welfare of your staff or the people you work with Gower Wellbeing can help develop new ways of being that maximise health and happiness.

We work with individuals, organisations and charities offering workshops, coaching sessions and courses.

“The state of being dynamically well involves the exploration by the individual in the fascinating and ever changing panorama of itself” Halbert L Dunn, author of High Level Wellness.